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Grace on Broadway

Paul Rudd and Michael Stanton

with Kate Arrington and Ed Asner

By Craig Wright. Directed by Dexter Bullard

An extraordinary cast lights up Broadway in GRACE - the uniquely entertaining and provocative dark comedy that asks: Are we in control of our lives or is there something else at work?

Paul Rudd returns to Broadway with Academy Award® nominee Michael Shannon ("Boardwalk Empire," Revolutionary Road), seven-time Emmy Award® winner Ed Asner ("The Mary Tyler Moore Show," Up!) and Steppenwolf's Kate Arrington in GRACE, the acclaimed American play by award-winning writer Craig Wright (Mistakes Were Made, "Six Feet Under"). Dexter Bullard (Tracy Letts' BUG) directs.

GRACE follows a wide-eyed young couple as they start a new life in sunny Florida, with big plans to open a chain of Gospel-themed motels. An agitated neighbor and a condo exterminator complete the eclectic foursome, as destinies collide in this intensely funny, thrillingly suspenseful journey to the edge of your seat!